Our transition year (TY) program provides student-athletes with the opportunity to spend a full academic year immersed in a full-time sports academy environment. The TY programme can be attended in conjunction with the student’s school schedule or on a full-time basis. TY students will join the full-time program participants participating in advanced skill work, strength & conditioning sessions, and our bespoke NABA classroom sessions.   The aim of this program is to give student athletes an opportunity to gain the edge over their competitors both physically and mentally. Additionally, TY students will assist in coaching youth players to gain valuable work experience.

A typical day for a TY student is like the following,

Players will arrive at NABA HQ and begin to prepare themselves for the practice and the day ahead. They will begin by getting themselves warmed up the appropriate way which would have been thought early on by our coaching staff.

Then they will proceed to start off with a specific weight/strength & Conditioning workout routine depending on what day of the week it is and depending on the player’s weekend game schedule.

Following this workout players will have some time to prepare for on-court activities.

From there Players will begin their on-court session working on a wide range of different skills and drills and basketball tactics.

Coaches will focus on the following aspects throughout the player’s time at NABA.

  • Training for all positions and skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Mental Toughness
  • Advanced Tactical Skills
  • Defensive game like situations
  • Offensive game like situations
  • Physical condition
  • Leadership and Communication skills
  • Self-discipline
  • Focused goal and trainings
  • Elite skills
  • The competitive atmosphere within their training

Players will have a wide range of different classes to attend to help increase their knowledge of the likes of Sports Psychology, Nutrition, SAT prep and much more.

With all of the above aspects, the players will really get plenty of benefits from their time as NABA players. With that being said the Transition year program does present players with plenty of opportunities to improve as well as improve off the court as well with plenty of character-building and self-disciplinary lessons within the program.

With this being said NABA has had plenty of past Transition Year students who have gone onto big things after their time in NABA, Such as International teams like Estonia, Georgia , Ireland and many more. Some players have even gone onto professional basketball clubs throughout Europe and some continued on with NABA and went to the NCAA in the United States of America.

For international Students interested in doing the Transition Year program , it is a great tool to use this year to improve their English language skills as well as their basketball skills. For players looking to do Transition year in NABA Lanzarote Spain it’s a great opportunity to learn Spanish also but they will still get the opportunity to learn English from some of the coaches and staff and English-speaking players.

While in Dublin NABA players are fully immersed into a English speaking environment and this will help them pick up the language very quickly.

For more information about our NABA  transition year program, you can check out the following link and get more information about the program.

Players interested in this program can contact us via email at

They can also sign up straight away on the following link below to secure their place in the program.

*The cost to apply for this program is €150 (non-refundable). This fee is deducted from the overall cost of the program once accepted.

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