Dublin Summer Camp 2021


We are delighted to announce that we are running our Dublin Summer Camp again for 2021 for the 7th successive season.

The NABA Summer camps are unique in terms of how a summer camps is generally run. Our team of international coaches and lecturers use the latest mindfulness and mental strength training at NABA to offer campers the opportunity to explore their own psychology about their basketball training and everyday lives. In addition to this, the NABA summer camp gives the non-native English speakers the opportunity to mix English classes and learning in the English language emersed environment-all our classes are given by fully certified and qualified English teachers.  These summer camps have been very popular within the international basketball community having attracted young players aged between 12-19 years old from 20 different countries as far as the USA, UK, Spain and Eastern Europe.  

Dublin, Ireland
Week 1: 12th-16th July (50 places) 
Week 2: 19th-23rd July (50 places)


Residential: 575€/week
Non-residential: 125€/week (9am-5PM)

Residential Athletes will be provided with accommodation in dorms/residences.



This is an idea of how camps are going to be scheduled from Monday to Friday.  Special activities will be offered to players staying for more than one week. Modifications to such schedule might occur. 

Our goal: 4 hours of intense basketball training a day, Monday to Friday.

10 am to 12 pm: Classes/Seminars on several subjects focused on increasing player’s performance in Basketball (Nutrition, Sports Psychology, English, Social Media Marketing and Meditation).
12 pm to 1 pm: Individual skills training
1 pm to 2 pm: Lunch
2 pm to 5 pm: Technical and tactical training and competitions
5 pm to 10 pm: Free time, leisure activities, basketball competitions and many more!