Spanish Summer Elite Training

Spend two weeks in paradise learning from elite-coaches, with over 4 hours of training per day to sharpen mind, body, and strategy towards optimal play and team synergy.

 Are you a coach looking to give your team the pre-season of a lifetime? With over a decade of experience in providing pre and early season elite level training, N.A.B.A is proud to offer t his two week intensive focusing on sharpening skills, developing cooperative communicative strategies, and learning how to articulate your experience, expertise, and personal brand in the beautiful city of Arrecife, Spain. Our prime location in Lanzarote, as well as our close working partnership with professional level clubs on the island,  provides valuable experience in navigating diverse cultures and unfamiliar terrains and playing styles. With activities and excursions focused on team-building and developing group synergy, our program and schedules are also available for teams looking for a unique pre-season experience. 

21st of August to 4th of September

Rate: 4450 EUR for entire programme, including:
-14 nights all-inclusive accommodation, training,
-networking opportunities with elite-level coaches and players,
-guaranteed games against Professional local clubs,
-opportunities for collaboration with other NCAA programs from other conferences and levels.

Sample Timetable

7.00-9.30: Wake up and Breakfast

10.00-12.00: Two 40 minute seminars on preparation for elite basketball recruitment (Seminar titles: Intro to the Recruitment Process, How to write a CV, Creating a Brand on Social Media, Guide to University Admissions, Networking for Athletes)

12.00-13.00: One on one and position-based training exercise

13.00-14.00: Lunch Break 

14.00-17.00: Technical and Tactical Training/Competitions with Lanzarote Clubs

17.00-19.00: Team Building Activities and Cool Down Activities

19.00-Evening: Unstructured Time and Activities

Weekend Excursions Available at 110 per excursion

Please note that these timetables are not final, and subject to change. Activities and excursions will be chosen in accordance with COVID-19 government regulations regarding sports and tourism activities and may be subject to change.

Interested, but want more information? Contact Us to receive a complimentary view-book about our programs or facilities, or check out our N.A.B.A Lanzarote facility descriptions.