North Atlantic Basketball Academy



The North Atlantic Basketball Academy (NABA) ensures that athletes have a focused plan to reach their desired objectives both academically and athletically. Students who attend the academy will receive academic assistance, basketball career planning, high-performance basketball training as well as strength and conditioning training. We prioritize long-term personal development with the use of our purpose-built facilities in Dublin and Lanzarote.

Full-Time Academic Program

Our Full-Time Academic Program caters to a diverse range of student-athletes from around the world. It is offered within the framework of the US High School system for students considering international university options. All programs are conducted in English and are complemented by tailored NABA courses, including College Preparation, Social Media Marketing, Sports Psychology, Athlete Health, and Sport Nutrition. In addition to their daily academic coursework, student-athletes participate in advanced basketball and strength & conditioning sessions. We also provide a local school program in the language of the respective European academy location.

Athletic And Personal Development

At The North Atlantic Basketball Academy, we are dedicated to fostering both athletic and personal development in our players. Through our specialized training curriculum, players will engage in a comprehensive program that strategically targets key areas of performance. Our experienced coaching staff, in collaboration with nutritionists and strength & conditioning coaches, will provide personalized guidance to enhance not only overall strength but also sport-specific functional movement and leadership skills. Beyond the physical aspects, our program is designed to ignite a transformative journey for players, ensuring a holistic evolution from the beginning of the year. This commitment to athletic and personal development distinguishes our academy, empowering players to not only excel on the court but also navigate the challenges of life beyond the game with confidence and resilience.

Experience College/ Professional Lifestyle

At The North Atlantic Basketball Academy, we prioritize the holistic development of our players. Our program ensures that players excel on the court and learn essential life skills for a college or professional lifestyle. Through our structured curriculum, athletes balance academic, athletic, and personal responsibilities, fostering self-reliance away from home. Our coaching staff is dedicated to preparing athletes not just for success in the game but for success in every aspect of their collegiate or professional journey. This unique approach guarantees that players enhance their athletic performance and emerge as well-rounded individuals ready to thrive in the demanding environment of college or professional life.

Our full time programs- Choose your program here

We offer several academic programmes for our players – FULL TIME PROGRAMS-prices below are excluding accommodation. Contact by email for accommodation costs

Transition Year Program


/per year (EU)


/per year (none EU)
Local School Program


/per year


/per year (no EU)
High School Program


/per year


/per year (no EU)
Prep-School Program


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€75/ month

5-6pm Monday to Friday

U12 - U15

€105/ month

6-7.30pm Monday to Friday

U16 +

€150/ month

7.30-9pm Monday to Friday