NABA Lanzarote Summer Camp 2023

Join us in our Lanzarote HQ where campers have access to our top-class basketball facilities and our high-performance gym! The camps are run by our full-time coaches and guest coaches! The NABA summer camps have been extremely popular with players from around the world joining for a week of training with the NABA coaching team. The camps create opportunities to make new friends from all around the globe and give non-native English speakers the opportunity to be immersed in the English language and improve their language skills!

Lanzarote, Spain

The coaching staff at the NABA Lanzarote have plenty of experience from coaching across all levels in Europe and the USA.

NABA Lanzarote Elite Summer camp will be on the following dates.

JULY 24rd-29th 2023

The players will get plenty of on-court experience.

Working on the following aspects,

Training for All positions and skills.

At NABA Lanzarote Elite Summer Camp here are just some of the skills you will learn from our expert coaches to help increase your level at all Positions. 

Technical Skills

Dribbling, shooting form, rebounding, footwork and finishing skills around the basket


Players will learn how to deal with mental blocks and become mentally tougher and become more self-disciplined,while also building more self-confidence, staying focused in tough game situations, mental game preparation before games and learning to deal with difficult game outcomes after a bad game and improve their attitude on and off the court. 

Advanced tactical skills 

Reading the defensive and how best to break it down and find the gaps, Reading fast break situations and how to get the best look, Specific half-court spacing depending on the other team’s defence, how to become a better on-court leader, help-defence and shot creation.

Game-like situations

Floor spacing, Transition Spacing and tactics, movement off of an on-ball and off-ball screen, 1-on-1, 2-on-1, 2-on-2,3-on-2 etc, attacking & defensive situations and basket penetrations. 

Physical Conditioning 

Injury Prevention, How to look after your body before and after training and games.

Increase your speed & agility, build explosive power, and increase endurance and aerobic capacity. 

Other aspects players will get from the NABA DUBLIN SUMMER camp

  • Friendships from players all around the world 
  • Self-discipline 
  • Focused training 
  • Elite basketball training 
  • Great experience 
  • Good fun with a competitive atmosphere 

Residential Players from Non English native countries will get the opportunity to learn English through basketball training and staying with players from other countries also as well as english speaking coaches. 

Some links to find out more about NABA Lanzarote summer camp. 

Get an idea of some of the facilities look like that are used at NABA Lanzarote Summer camp

NABA Lanzarote Summer Camp –
JULY 24rd-29th 2023


1 week camp – Residential €675.00

1 week NABA Day Camper (Non residential-10AM-4PM Monday to Friday)€350.00

Residential Athletes will be provided with accommodation in dorms/residences.

All players must vacate their accommodation by the last day of camp (Friday) before 5 pm. 

Residential campers may book into accommodation on the Sunday before the camp week booked AFTER 3 pm only. 

Players must attend a 10 am registration on the first day of camp 

All camps are subject to restrictions due to COVID-19