NABA Girls

NABA girls program is recruiting for girls next season for their EGBL & full time programs.

They’re looking for players born in 2007/2006 , 2005/2004 & 2003/2002

These players will be based in either NABA Dublin Ireland or NABA Lanzarote Spain. 

The girls will have the opportunity to train 2 times per day as well as continuing their academic program. 

Players will also be able to participate in the NABA Prep school program and use this year as a gap year before university. 

NABA Girls players will be looking to compete locally and abroad and will have a very competitive experience playing for NABA. 

Past NABA Girls players such as Lou Lopez Senechal , Katie Williamson , Shauna Russell and Ella Odonnell are currently playing in NCAA D1 and D2 

Lou is currently playing with Uconn WBB , Ella is playing with Quinnipiac WBB and Katie and Shauna are playing with Southern Connecticut WBB. The Girls are excellent representatives of the NABA family and we’re so proud of their achievements to date and know they will continue to do great things. 

The NABA Girls Programs will be looking to have their players working on their game with the coaches while focusing on a specifically designed indivdual training plan. The idea of this program is to help the girls become more skilled and be able to compete at a higher level of basketball. Some of the skills they may work on will be , Shooting/shot selection and becoming consistent with their shooting, Their ball handling/dribbling skills and helping them become high level guards, Foot work to help them be more affective on court, Physical strenght and on court condition & many more great on court aspects of the game.

By playing and competing in high level tournaments the girls will be able to benifit from multiple different styles of basketball to help them increase their basketball IQ. Some players may have never experienced this in the past and it will be a great shock to the system for them to help them see where they need to be at and to improve to reach that recruired level.