NABA Elite Camp is designed to help young athletes get their game noticed. They will compete against one another at this camp while showcasing their skills and potential every day. Each day of camp will be a great experience for all players and it will also give young athletes an insight into what playing high-level basketball is like. Each game will be recorded and this allows each player at the camp to have a full game tape of structured high-level basketball. This camp will be held in July (DATES TBC)

NABA ELITE Camp will go from 10 am to 4 pm every day. Players are all required to wear black or white shorts. All players must follow Covid-19 Protocols and respect the rules that are in place. These rules are to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

What do players get at this camp?

  • Highlight Tape
  • Full game tapes
  • College and Pro Exposure
  • Workout tape
  • NABA ELITE Camp Jersey

NABA ELITE players will have the opportunities to learn from our professional coaching staff as well as our guest coaches (TBC).

Why choose NABA ELITE Camp?

Getting Noticed by schools and colleges in the US is not easy, NABA ELITE Camp is here to help players increase their chances and help get them noticed. We have plenty of experience in the past of helping players get noticed at all levels around the NCAA and NAIA too. As well as that we have also had a huge number of players go onto professional careers around Europe and ASIA. In the last 7 years alone NABA has helped over 50 players go onto the USA and over 25 players went on to European clubs to further their basketball careers.

NABA ELITE CAMP will have two camps. One for male players and one for female players. Both will be 3 days long. All players attending will get