NABA Coaches

NABA Dublin has a wide range of different Coaches. NABA Dublin has teams from U11 all the way up to U20. These coaches are from all different countries and different levels to help give our players a wide range of different experiences and different ways to view and learn the game of basketball. The coaches are dedicated to helping the next generation progress and imrpove their level while teaching them many valuable lessons on and off the court. NABA Coaches are excellent at teaching the youth players the discpline that is needed to be a player that can train and play at a high level. The coaches also help the players with confidence and helping them become mentally tougher to handle tough in game situations.

Dermot Russell

Dermot is a key part to the success at NABA. He is the director of the academy and is the man working hard behind the scenes making sure everything goes right and keeping everyone up to date with tasks and leading & motivating them to help NABA grow and be more successful. NABA is very lucky to have someone like Dermot working behind the scenes. Dermot as a player represented Ireland and also played highschool and college basketball in the United states of America. Dermot is also a former agent and has helped over 100 players go onto USA college/highschool scholarships and over 50 players continue their careers as a professional player all around the world including Europe , South America and Asia. Dermot has plenty of experience when it comes to basketball having dealth with former NBA , Euroleague and high level NCAA players in the past.

Carles Orive

Carles is the GM of NABA Lanzarote. Carles was with NABA back in 2016/2017 and then went onto Coach at Spanish Club Valencia Basket. Carles also coached In FC Porto basketball before coming to NABA back in 2016. Carles has coached many players in his coaching career who went on to play for Spanish National teams as well as ACB and Euroleague programs. We are delighted to have Carles on our Coaching staff Panel.

Daniel Russell

Daniel Russell as a player, played at many different levels across the USA. He first went to USA when 17 to Play AAU basketball and then finished out his Highschool Career in Texas and continued onto Prep school basketball in El Paso Texas also. Daniel represented Ireland at different underage groups as well when he was playing. As a coach Daniel has also coached at the International Level as an Assistant Coach and Head coach at other tournaments and in The EYBL such as Georgia , Ukraine , Romania , North Mcedonia and many more. Daniel Now coaches with our U16 EYBL squad and last year Coached the U17 and U14 EYBL teams. The U14 managed to qualify for the European Youth Basketball League play offs U14 and finished 9th place out of 36 teams in Europe. The U17s Qualified also but due to Covid at the time were not able to participate in the play off stages. This years U16 EYBL squad has been tested many times at the EYBL and the lads have been able to come out with some nice victories while abroad.

Audrius Jonusas

Audrius is a former Professional Player from Lithuania. Audrius also represtented the Lithuania National team many times (U14, U16, U18) when he was younger also. Audrius played for Statyba (Rytas) Lithuania Cup, Euro cup, Silute’s LKL (Lithuania Basketball League). As a coach , Audrius coached Ballon BC and won the National Cup and EFBL Championship. He then coached Dublin Inter to Super League and EFBL champions. Some of his coaching awards are , 2010-2011 Basketball Ireland Senior mens Coach of the Year, 2011-2012 Basketball Ireland Senior Mens coach of the year. Audrius is Currently the head coach of our U13 EYBL squad and is helping lead the boys in the right direction with giving them plenty of high level basketball training. The son of coach Audrius , Simonas Jonusas is currently leading the way in the U13 European Youth Basketball League in scoring averaging 22.5 points per game. Simonas has multiple 30 point games under his belt at the u13 european level so far this season and is dominating his local league in Dublin.

Umut Kocabalkan

Coach Umut is Originally from Turkey and comes from a basketball Family. The brother of Umut has played for the Turkish National team a few years back. Umut coached with Tenis Eskrim Dağcılık Sports Club (08/10/2018 – 29/07/2022) and also received the certification of Basketball Coaching from Turkish Basketball Federation. Coach Umut is currently With the U10/11/12 NABA players helping them get the proper foundation of fundemental basketball skills to help get them started off in the right direction as basketball players. Umut helps out with the other squads in NABA to help them get the best out of their time on court at NABA. Umut brings a very different style of basketball training to NABA and the players enjoy having Umut as their mentor on court. Coach Umut has got experience coaching teams in the Turkish Championship and finished in some of the highest rankings in Turkey.