North Atlantic Basketball Academy


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Our academy is based in Dublin, but has also expanded to Lanzarote in Spain over the last few years, recently to Norway and soon to Barcelona

Here at North Atlantic Basketball Academy, we’re proud to offer a uniquely multi-national approach to sports training. Our first facility, in the heart of North Dublin City, provides players from all over Europe and the wider world to train in the heart of the English speaking capital of the E.U.. In an increasingly globalised world, we here at N.A.B.A realised how important teaching our players how to communicate across cultural and linguistic barriers. In 2021, we took this vision a step farther and established N.A.B.A. Lanzarote in the beautiful city of Arrecife, Spain.

And more, why choose NABA Franchise?

Diverse Secondary School Options : tailor your program to fit your students’ needs with a range of secondary school options, ensuring a well-rounded education.

University Placement : empower your athletes to secure scholarships and continue their academic and athletic journeys in top-tier universities.

Proven Track Record : benefit from our extensive experience in placing players in scholarship opportunities and professional contracts, giving your academy unparalleled credibility.

Professional International Coaching Team : leverage the expertise of our seasoned coaching staff, dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering excellence.

National Academy Development : play a pivotal role in the development of national basketball talent, contributing to the growth of the sport in your region.