Join our 2020 camp now!

Aimed at prospective professional players and giving them the opportunity to gain valuable face to face exposure in front of European coaches who are recruiting for their rosters for next season. Our program is the only such program in an English speaking country that is aimed towards getting players contracts in the European Basketball Market. Our proven track record in this regard is second to none as we work with some of Europes best-estalished agents and international coaches.

This program is designed for players looking to gain experience and exposure to help them achieve their goal of playing professional basketball in Europe.

The goal of making it to the NBA becomes even less possible with only 0.3% of them making it into the NBA, so what do they do if their goal and passion is so hard to accomplish?

NABA in collaboration with our partner FIBA agency Players 1st sports management has together established the NABA path to Pro program.

With over 50 years in European basketball combined experience has been giving basketball players another option by offering players a chance to gain professional contracts in a best of class environment with the focus in offering development into the European basketball market where the majority of American players end up following their dreams.

Our players will receive a full support network and they will gain experience dealing with agents, contract negotiations and what to expect in each country they are seeking to gain employment

  • Two, 2 hour Basketball workouts per day ,5 days a week.
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes per day of S&C plus Flexibility and Mobility training 5 days a week.
  • Personal training program’s.
  • Pro Exposure to our contacts around the world.
  • Weekly Sports Psychology Workshops
  • Highlight Tape and full Game tape.
  • Train with Full time Professional Coaches and Elite Personal Trainers to take your game to the Next Level this off season.
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Accommodation and meals for the duration of the camp

During each camp we will be inviting multiple Professional coaches and scouts in to watch practices and games.