Full-Time Academic Program

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Our Full Time Academic Program caters to a diverse range of student athletes from around the World. It is offered through the US High School system for students considering international university options.  All programmes are offered in English and are supplemented by bespoke NABA courses including College Preparation, Social Media and Marketing, Sports Psychology, Athlete Health and Sport Nutrition. in addition to daily academic coursework, student athletes take part in advanced basketball and strength & conditioning sessions.


At The North Atlantic Basketball Academy you will get to train and compete at the highest level where some of the best in the world have come to train. Led by our team of expert coaches consisting of former collegiate programs and professional clubs that receive sport-specific instruction daily to help refine your skill set for the next level.


All players will learn how to balance their academic, athletic and personal responsibilities and become self-reliant while living away from their comfort zone of being at home.


Players at The North Atlantic Basketball Academy will be Utilising a special training curriculum that will focus on all key areas of performance, our coaching staff , nutritionists, and strength & conditioning coaches will help you improve your overall strength, sport specific functional movement, leadership skills and more. Players will definitely Experience a personal evolution compared to the start of the year.


As the one of Europe’s best destination for academic and athletic development, The North Atlantic Basketball Academy has attracted hundreds of college coaches and Professional club scouts/agents each year across all of Europe and USA to scout our student-athletes. Competitive schedules against top teams & programs around Europe in the EYBL will allow for multiple opportunities to be seen by coaches and scouts at home and on the road. Our optional USA tour at the end of the season is the cherry on top for the final preparation before taking the next step to either College or professional careers and is a real eye opener for all players if they choose to go on this tour.


Get a taste for your collegiate coursework, improve / upgrade your SAT/ACT scores with preparation at the North Atlantic Basketball Academy.

The North Atlantic Basketball Academy Full time academic program is specifically designed for student-athletes looking to improve their academic profile while continuing athletic development before enrolling in college. 

Students will participate in multiple different classes throughout the Full time academic year, including Nutrition class, social media studies, College prep class plus what ever classes they are enrolled into during school, while receiving additional SAT/ACT support to help improve test results. This offering is open to international students from all around Europe. 

US Highschool Online

NABA full time academic students have the option of choosing to do the American highschool system online while in either NABA Dublin in Ireland or NABA Lanzarote in Spain. This is very useful for players looking to contiue their careers onto the College level in the USA or for students considering international university options around the world.

Two of the most popular questions asked by students and parents are: 

  1. Are credits earned at US High School On-Line transferable to traditional schools? 
  2. Is a high school diploma from US High School On-Line recognized by colleges and universities? 

Although credit transfers are at the discretion of the institution for which you are applying, US High School On-Line is nationally accredited by both Cognia and the National College Athletic Association  (NCAA), meaning that our credits will transfer to any institution which recognizes these bodies. In addition, our credits have been accepted at E.U. higher level institutions.We have a full-time educational staff dedicated to making sure that your degree will fit into your future plans. Players have the oppurtunity to Register for this before the 1st of July to save their place in the school as places are limited. For more information please contact us via email – info@nabaltd.com

Irish Secondary School

Players have also got the choice of enrolling into the Irish Secondary School system. This will place the players into a classroom enviornment from 8:30/9 am to 3:30/4pm everyday Monday to Friday. Players have the oppurtunity to Register for this before the 1st of March to save their place in the school as places are limited. For more information please contact us via email – info@nabaltd.com.

*The cost to apply for this program is €150 (non-refundable). This fee is deducted from the overall cost of the program once accepted.