As part of our service offering to players, NABA hosts annual professional training camps for both European and non-European players of all levels to come and work on their skills in front of recruiting coaches and decision makers. 

These camps attract players from all over Europe and the USA, and are geared toward players who wish to take their games to the next level and gain an edge on other aspiring professional players.

In conjunction with our partner agency, Players1st sports management we have worked hard to get many players professional contracts in Europe and Asia.

Dont miss out on this valuable opportunity to get your game seen by our network of coaches who are looking to recruit talented players for paid contracts next season. 

Located in an English speaking country with an impeccable Safety record for tourists, NABA offer the best opportunity for players to learn the fundamentals and tactics to play in Europe as well as showcase those skills to contacts in Europe interested in import players.  

Our programs are designed with the professional player at mind, and executed by fully professional, international, FIBA and Euroleague certified coaches and scouts.

Unlike our competitors, we set realistic goals, and while do not guarantee every player recieves a professional contract we can guarantee that each player will be put on the right pathway and position to showcase their skills to professionals in the European Professional Basketball arena and who are interested in signing players to their organisation and clubs for next season. We also guarantee you will have more people evaluating you than you have ever had previously in your career.

Get your start here here in Europe or outside of europe with our European Pro Training Camp 2020.

We’ll teach you how to play in Europe, show you how to be successful here, and match you up against European teams to showcase you in order to receive the best opportunity to get an job offer here in Europe. 

NABA also have vast experience in Club and University Basketball tours in Ireland and Europe. Over the past 6 years the NABA Experience have specialized in arranging european tours for some of America’s top university and professional teams. With our network of relationships throughout Europe we guarantee a best in class, cost efficient and a tailored service to suit your budget.