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Many Players have come through NABA and gone onto the USA for NCAA, NAIA & High-school/Prep-school and professional contracts around the world. Here are some of the big schools our Alumni players have gone to in the last few years

There are many Former NABA Players who went onto College/Highschool/Prepschool Scholarships after their time in NABA. As well as that some players managed to get Contracts abroad all around the world too. The NABA Coaching Staff and Family are very proud of all the past players for their achievements and thankful for the great role models they are for inspiring the next generation of young NABA players to keep beliving and working hard to achieve their goals and hope that one day they can follow in the foot steps of the NABA Alums.

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NABA has a wide range of different Coaches

NABA Dublin boasts a diverse array of coaches from different countries and levels, catering to teams ranging from U11 to U20. These coaches are dedicated to guiding the next generation, aiding in their progress and skill development while imparting invaluable lessons on and off the court. They excel in instilling the necessary discipline in young players, essential for training and playing at a high level. Additionally, they assist players in building confidence and developing mental toughness to handle challenging in-game situations.


Dermot is indispensable to NABA’s success as the academy’s director, overseeing seamless operations and providing visionary leadership for sustained growth. As a player, he proudly represented Ireland and excelled in basketball within the United States. Dermot also served as a FIBA agent, adeptly facilitating players’ pursuit of scholarships in the USA and fostering global professional careers. Boasting extensive international basketball experience, he collaborated with former NBA, Euroleague, and high-profile NCAA players. NABA is exceptionally fortunate to benefit from Dermot’s invaluable behind-the-scenes contributions. His unwavering dedication, demonstrated both as a player and agent, brings profound insights to the academy’s development, solidifying his role as a cornerstone in NABA’s journey.

Dermot Russell

General Director 

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Carles, NABA Lanzarote’s General Manager and International Development Manager, commenced his professional journey as Head Coach at the Dublin Academy in 2016/2017. He later coached at Spain’s Valencia Basket, mentoring some of the country’s promising basketball talents while earning a master’s degree in Sports Science and Management. Carles also contributed his coaching expertise to Portugal’s FC Porto before joining NABA in 2016. Throughout his career, he has coached players who achieved success in Spanish National teams, ACB, and Euroleague programs. NABA players benefit from his extensive player development experience, making Carles a valuable addition to our coaching panel.

Carles Orive

General Manager

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Daniel Russell, a seasoned player, has excelled in various basketball levels across the USA. Departing for the USA at 17, he played AAU basketball, concluding high school in Texas and advancing to Prep school basketball in El Paso. Representing Ireland in youth categories, Daniel transitioned to coaching, undertaking roles as Assistant and Head Coach in international tournaments and the EYBL, spanning locations like Georgia, Ukraine, Romania, and North Macedonia. Presently coaching the U16 EYBL squad, Daniel previously led the U17 and U14 EYBL teams to the highest EYBL categories. His most successful season in 22/23 saw the U16s achieve a treble in Ireland, securing honors in the Dublin league, cup, and the All Ireland club championship.

Daniel Russell

Director Basketball Operations

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Ibrahima, a project manager, hails from France, holding a master’s in marketing and sports management. With experience in a Paris sports marketing agency and 2 years in a French pro football club, he specializes in sports and corporate events. Managing NABA’s projects, Ibrahima, a former high-level athlete, coaches academy players when needed and leads U12 matches. He oversees the academy’s website, collaborates on marketing with the communication team, and handles Erasmus+ projects and intern management. Ibrahima also aids the NABA accommodation manager in organizing and operating housing. His diverse skill set and athletic background contribute significantly to NABA’s multifaceted operations.

Ibrahima Bah

Project Manager

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Audrius, a former Lithuanian professional player and youth national team representative, competed for Statyba (Rytas) in the Lithuania Cup and Euro Cup, and Silute’s LKL. As a coach, he guided Ballon BC to National Cup and EFBL Championship victories, then led Dublin Inter to Super League and EFBL titles. Audrius earned Coach of the Year awards in 2010-2011 and 2011-2012. Currently, he coaches our U13 EYBL squad, providing comprehensive high-level training. Audrius’ son, Simonas Jonusas, leads the U13 European Youth Basketball League in scoring, averaging 22.5 points per game. Simonas consistently dominates the local Dublin league, recording multiple 30-point games this season.

Audrius Jonusas

Basketball coach


Coach Umut, originally from Turkey with a basketball background, saw his brother play for the Turkish National team years ago. Coaching at Tenis Eskrim Dağcılık Sports Club from October 8, 2018, to July 29, 2022, he earned certification from the Turkish Basketball Federation.
Currently mentoring U10/11/12 NABA players, Umut fosters fundamental skills for their basketball journey. He extends his impact to other NABA squads, ensuring optimal court experiences. Umut’s distinctive training style enriches NABA, earning players’ appreciation for his mentorship. With an extensive coaching history in the Turkish Championship, Coach Umut consistently achieved high rankings.

Umut Kocabalkan

Basketball coach


Introducing our esteemed new head coach, Malek Hammoudi, who brings over a decade of fervent coaching experience spanning Madrid and Murcia. Malek honed his skills during a pivotal year as an apprentice with the dynamic Movistar Estudiantes in LEB ORO, providing our academy with invaluable insights. Armed with the highest level of training and completion of numerous specialized extracurricular courses, Malek is dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering teamwork. His commitment extends beyond the court, aiming to develop holistic skills in our players, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful coaching approach that goes beyond the game itself.

Malek Hammoudi

Basketball coach


Antoine, trained at Le Mans Sarthe Basket from 2004 to 2009, signing a 3-year contract, later loaned to Nanterre in the French second division for additional playing time. He then joined Aix Maurienne and later secured a two-year contract with Bourg en Bresse. Unfortunately, a severe knee injury, including fractures to both patellar tendons, forced him to halt his playing career. While with Le Mans, he played in the Euroleague during the 2008/2009 season. Transitioning to a basketball consultant after injuries, Antoine became a coach, leveraging his professional player experience. Today, he contributes to NABA, aiding in the development of young players with his expertise.

Antoine Gomis

Basketball coach

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