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With existing academies in Dublin, Ireland, Lanzarote and Oslo, Norway, we’re ready to expand. Expressions of interest are pouring in from across Europe and the USA. Join us as we grow our network

OUr camps

NABA offers several camps throughout the season

The NABA life

The North Atlantic Basketball Academy (NABA) ensures that athletes have a focused plan to reach their desired objectives both academically and athletically. Students who attend the academy will receive academic assistance, basketball career planning, high-performance basketball training as well as strength and conditioning training. We prioritize long-term personal development with the use of state of the art facilities based in Dublin Ireland. NABA is perfectly placed geographically to give athletes the chance for a multinational platform to showcase and develop their talents. We offer various programs that are aligned to academic programs to suit a diverse range of student-athletes. We also offer community programs which offer the opportunity for personal development in disadvantaged areas of Dublin city, in particular, the Dublin 7 area of North Dublin.​


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TRAINING features

Technical Skills

Dribbling, shooting form, rebounding, footwork and finishing skills around the basket


Players will develop skills to overcome mental obstacles, enhance discipline, and boost confidence. They will learn to stay focused during challenging game scenarios, prepare mentally before matches, and manage setbacks effectively. The program aims to improve their on-court performance and cultivate a positive attitude in all aspects of their lives.

Advanced tactical skills

Reading the defensive and how best to break it down and find the gaps, Reading fast break situations and how to get the best look, Specific half-court spacing depending on the other team’s defence, how to become a better on-court leader, help-defence and shot creation.

Game - situations

Floor spacing, Transition Spacing and tactics, movement off of an on-ball and off-ball screen, 1-on-1, 2-on-1, 2-on-2,3-on-2 etc, attacking & defensive situations and basket penetrations.

Physical Conditioning

Injury Prevention, How to look after your body before and after training and games. Increase your speed & agility, build explosive power, and increase endurance and aerobic capacity.

nutrition class

Essential foods for good basketball nutrition. Nutrition programme adapted to basketball. Example of a basketball player's daily meal. The importance of hydration in sport. Basketball nutrition: before, during and after a match. Nutrition before a basketball match.