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Diverse Secondary School Options : tailor your program to fit your students’ needs with a range of secondary school options, ensuring a well-rounded education.

University Placement : empower your athletes to secure scholarships and continue their academic and athletic journeys in top-tier universities.

Proven Track Record : benefit from our extensive experience in placing players in scholarship opportunities and professional contracts, giving your academy unparalleled credibility.

Development Opportunities : forge partnerships with professional clubs to provide unparalleled development opportunities for your athletes.

Professional International Coaching Team : leverage the expertise of our seasoned coaching staff, dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering excellence.

Project Management Support : as a franchisee, you’ll receive comprehensive project management support to ensure the success of your academy.

National Academy Development : play a pivotal role in the development of national basketball talent, contributing to the growth of the sport in your region.

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With existing academies in Dublin, Ireland, Lanzarote, Spain, and Oslo, Norway, we’re ready to expand. Expressions of interest are pouring in from across Europe and the USA. Join us as we grow our network by establishing an additional 10 locations over the next 12 months.

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(NABA Documentary)THE NABA LIFE, Episode 1

The North Atlantic Basketball Academy (NABA) ensures that athletes have a focused plan to reach their desired objectives both academically and athletically. Students who attend the academy will receive academic assistance, basketball career planning, high-performance basketball training as well as strength and conditioning training. We prioritize long-term personal development with the use of state of the art facilities based in Dublin Ireland. NABA is perfectly placed geographically to give athletes the chance for a multinational platform to showcase and develop their talents. We offer various programs that are aligned to academic programs to suit a diverse range of student-athletes. We also offer community programs which offer the opportunity for personal development in disadvantaged areas of Dublin city, in particular, the Dublin 7 area of North Dublin.




NABA Alumni 

Many Players have come through NABA and gone onto the USA for NCAA, NAIA & High-school/Prep-school and professional contracts around the world. Here are some of the big schools our Alumni players have gone to in the last few years.

Full-time Academic programs

NABA full-time academic programs are a great opportunity for young student-athletes to participate in high-level basketball training and a full-time student environment. This gives them an idea of what the student-athlete life of an NCAA (College basketball player) goes through throughout their time in college. It’s a great tool for young student-athletes to learn the importance of time management. This Program delivers high-intensity training each day of the week so the players can stay challenged on the court to help further their development as basketball players. The coaches in both NABA Dublin & Lanzarote are dedicated to helping the NABA players continue their progress to where they need to be to try to reach that next level they aim to be at. In the past, NABA has had many players who went onto the NCAA, NAIA, Njcaa and high-school/prep-school opportunities (100+). NABA has also been a pathway for many players who decided that they wanted to pursue a professional career in basketball and helped place players around Europe, Asia and South America also. (50+)

NABA has now taken players from all different corners of the world. We have had players from nearly all continents and most European countries. 


The NABA Goal is to develop some of the best Student-Ahtlete and basketball players in the world, to help them achieve a professional future in basketball or an athletic scholarship, which allows them to attend a university and compete and receive their education at no cost or at least a very low cost. 


NABA players get the opportunity to experience a basketball professionalism lifestyle with training at a high level and learning the self-discipline to achieve success in a high-performance environment. Players get the chance to get their athletic ability to a level not yet reached before by training with our professional S&C team. Players will also get the chance to work on their Mobility and Flexibility to help reduce the chances of injury to help them get through a tough and long season. Mental Toughness training will be given to each individual in the academy to help them get through any tough days and in-game situations. Players will have the opportunity to compete throughout Europe at various tournaments and leagues (the higher level leagues and tournaments throughout Europe will be down to the selection of the coaches, ANY Parent trying to influence the coach’s decision will be tolerated.)

Tournaments / Leagues / Events 

NABA compete at various high-level tournaments and leagues throughout Europe to give their players the exposure they need to help them progress as well as get the right game footage to help with their recruitment. Unfortunately, some players can not get the level they need at home in local leagues due to the local standard being poor so they must look elsewhere or abroad to get the exposure they need, Thankfully NABA now is a great option for players (U12/U13 all the way up to Junior men’s U25) to get the right exposure. NABA competes in the EYBL as well as in many different tournaments and leagues throughout Europe. As well that each year NABA has a USA Tour that players can participate in to help give them the exposure they need.


We offer internships ranging from 1 month to 1 year. Our internships provide university students with opportunities to gain experience in a variety of areas such as social media, marketing, accounting, business development and coaching.  Internships are open to university students from all over the world, and selected students will work closely with NABA staff to create an outline for a personalized program.


Job Opportunities

NABA is always looking for international coaches to work our summer camps both in Ireland and other locations in Europe.  Coaches should have experience working with high level basketball players, and be available to travel for at least a week per camp.



NABA Scholarship Fund

There are many athletes who wish to attend NABA, but unfortunately do not have the financial means necessary.  While NABA does offer some scholarships, we are always looking for people who would like to make the NABA possibility a reality for a young athlete.



NABA underage players compete across multiple different age categories at the European Youth Basketball League to help give them the exposure to high-level basketball competition they may not be receiving through their local level leagues or competitions. This season we have U13, U15, U16, and U20/(Junior Men’s) competing at the European Youth Basketball League. NABA has already completed the first and second stages across all age categories at the EYBL this year. Last year many Players were able to make use of this competition to help with their international recruiting in the likes of the USA and some players got interest from professional clubs around Europe and signed with them after the season of 21/22 ended. Another big headline was 206cm player from Cork Ireland Francois Nkoy who was recruited to play with the Latvia National Team for the U18 European Championships. Francois had a Latvian Passport and after showcasing his skills and potential at the U17 EYBL he managed to get the call-up to the Latvia U18 Squad while still a year young. As well as that he also signed with Latvian side Leipaja Lions Basketbol to compete in the Latvian Men’s league also. Players like Benjiman Ubaekwe 201cm and Greg Marinkovic 198cm managed to draw the attention of Italian clubs and both signed for Clubs in Italy also. This season Players such as Victor Okojie 204cm are getting plenty of attention from D1 Universities and Academies in the USA after having two nice performances in two stages so far in the EYBL. Eimantas Spudulis 202cm has received plenty of notice from clubs from the likes of Spain and Italy for professional contracts also, Eimantas currently is in the top 5 in scoring at the U20(Junior Men’s) category. U13 Player Simonas Jonusas 170cm is currently ranked in the number 1 position in the U13 EYBL North Conference averaging 22.2 pts per game with multiple 30-point games under his belt also. U15 player Lorcan Bailey 191cm is currently leading the way for the U15 boys in what has been a very tough category of teams playing against the likes of Zalgiris U15 etc. U16 Boys have had a few too many close games that just didn’t go their way, The squad is being led in scoring by Matiss Ogle and Dawid Cichocki. The U16 boys have currently got a 4-6 in wins and losses but the coaches believe that after the final stage, they can improve that record to having more wins than losses if the team can get their preparations done right.

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