The Post Leaving Certificate / Pre-College Programme

The North Atlantic Basketball Academy (NABA) is delighted to be able to offer a unique pre-college experience. Why not take a year out, be part of an academy that will push your basketball abilities massively beyond what they currently might be and, at the same time, allow our members to sample our basketball academy in Dublin.

The academy offers an intensive programme of basketball. The coaches in the academy are professional coaches and, therefore, will be of the highest caliber. Members of our academy may have up four hours of basketball per day, will be offered daily classes related to sports matters, and will be encouraged to do some focused study in the area of Sports Nutrition and Sports Psychology as well as play in local leagues.

Our post leaving cert programme begins in mid-September and finishes in May. Its calendar follows the standard times laid out for our school’s academic year. Members, therefore, will have mid-term, Christmas and Easter breaks and be able to return to “Mammy’s finest goods” during the academic year!

NABA’s experience to date has been that basketball scouts like to visit our post leaving cert players and look at their suitability for placement in the more renowned basketball universities and colleges in the US and in the UK. This programme also happily finds itself receiving regular invites for our players to visit these same universities and colleges with the possibility of full and partial scholarships hanging in the air.

This programme is suitable for young man and women between the ages of 17 and 21.