NABA Path to Pro Program

The NABA Path to Pro Program Gives High school and perspective professional players the opportunity to gain their bachelor’s or master’s degree in Europe while developing their skill set to cater for the European Basketball Market.

This program is designed for players looking to gain their third level education while also having the goal of playing professional basketball in Europe.

Each year high school players begin the process of applying to colleges to follow their hoop dreams to eventually try make it to the NBA. Unfortunately, for most this is normally not an achievable goal with only 3.1% of high school basketball players making it to play college basketball at any level.

The goal of making it to the NBA becomes even less possible with only 0.3% of them making it into the NBA, so what do they do if their goal and passion is so hard to accomplish?

NABA in partnership with the newly established European development institute (EDI), Our partner FIBA agency Players 1st sports management, have together established the NABA path to Pro program.

With over 50 years in European basketball combined experience have for the past ten years been giving American basketball players another option by offering players a chance to gain their education in a best of class environment with the focus in offering development into the European basketball market where the majority of American players end up following their dreams after they gain their education in Ireland.

In America seeking a high-end education can be very costly when you haven’t secured a full scholarship which are very hard to come by.

EDI and NABA have built relationships with some of European leaders in education which are recognized globally to secure basketball scholarships so young men and woman can gain the life experience of being in Europe receiving a top class education but at the same time will revive professional training to develop their skill set and eventually be advertised to over fifteen countries professional basketball leagues to match their skill set and begin their careers.

Our players will receive a full support network and aside from their education they will gain experience dealing with agents contract negotiations and what to expect in each country.

There are many grants available for Americans to study in Europe and the possibilities are endless. We have alumni presently still playing in many leagues in Europe as well some after playing in Europe under our coaching staff now hold high level corporate positions in many large American corporations. 

In addition to the prospect of playing professional basketball in Europe following their successful completion to our path pro program, the EDI work closely with a number of employment agencies in Ireland who represent numerous American corporations who have set up their European headquarters in the heart of Dublin. Some of these companies are household names such as  Facebook, Google, Ebay, Microsoft, Apple, SAP, Dell, Yahoo, Pfizer, Abbotts Laboratories, Intel, Pay pal and HP are just some of the 700 US corporations who call Ireland home for their European operations. Further details HERE

What’s it like to study in Ireland? Find out HERE by asking the past international students.