A Unique multinational opportunity in Europe for basketball players globally

The North Atlantic Basketball academy is delighted to be able to offer an incredible opportunity in Europe for basketball players between 14 and 25


N.A.B.A. has been created to present basketball players worldwide with a service offering which is unlike any other in the world.



Secondary School

English language classes with fully qualified teachers Full English language emersion basketball Training Daily interaction with peers through the English Language

Transition Year

Having an intense training session with our international team of professional coaches completed by 10 every morning is certainly a new experience for the TY troops

Pre University Through English Language

There is a growing need for a specialized basketball PLC/PREP program to assist secondary graduates prepare to excel at the collegiate level, both academically and athletically. Now more than ever, collegiate recruiters are highly selective in their student-athlete search

University-Undergrad and post grad

NABA's unique 3rd level partnerships allow players who wish to live the basketball dream the opportunity to study the major of their choice in university while playing semi-professional basketball


NABA events department have a full range of services which are offered to the basketball community worldwide, if its a Coaching seminar, a sample of NABA programs, International tour or a camp, it is guaranteed the NABA events department will have a solution for you.

Individual Skill Development Training

NABA have developed many young and professional players helping them along the way to reaching their objectives, on the basketball court, in the classroom and beyond. If your looking to get ahead of the rest, our Individual skills training and consultation session are for you.



The N.A.B.A. program ensures our athletes have a FOCUSED PLAN to reach their desired objectives both on and off the court. At the academy the athlete will get Academic career planning assistance, basketball career planning, High Performance Basketball Training, strength and conditioning training, speed and agility training and general life and academic coaching- We look out for your interests and want you to succeed! The key motivation for the establishment of the North Atlantic basketball Academy (N.A.B.A) based in Europe, is to provide athletes globally with a High Performance Basketball Training Program in conjunction with other international athletes which will give them a focused pathway into both education and professional basketball. Sitting on the edge of Europe, we are perfectly placed geographically to give players an international experience in three different countries. We have a wide array of contacts at various different levels across the globe in which we can help players pursue their objectives. N.A.B.A. provides a consistent framework from which recruiting coaches can work and see players first hand throughout the season. Our program has been designed with the input of sport scientists and coaches from across Europe and North America. It is a player and student/athlete development model that illustrates to coaches, parents and Employers at the local, national and international levels, the importance of a systematic and consistent approach to the development of student/athletes is of paramount importance to us. It also recognizes the importance of participation in a multinational environment to develop an individual’s skills both on and off the court. Our locations offer the athlete the opportunity to focus on their goals in a safe environment that has the required facilities to allow each athlete excel.

Personal Info

  •   ++ 353 87 1148649
  •   Msgr Yore house, Deaf Village Ireland, Navan Road Dublin, Ireland 7


Parents and Players Testimonials
I went with my daughter to Dublin. And there began to emerge the good surprises. From the reception provided by all the governing body of the NABA, Especially the academy director, the conditions of the Academy and staff, I was truly impressed and started thinking: I made the right decision. During the time I was in Dublin I felt the atmosphere of sincerity and responsibility that hovered over the NABA. I felt I could trust my daughter to an entity that would strive to make her a better athlete and person. After these months and after receiving the visit of my daughter during the Christmas holidays, I can confirm the huge positive developments which have both in sporting terms and in personal terms and thanks to stay (sometimes harsh with regard to training) and the support she has had from the NABA staff. It is not only technical training and her technical and social human evolution but also training in the English language that has made my daughter evolve.

Luis Duque

The prospect of Francisca’s father
On arriving at the north atlantic basketball academy based in Dublin Ireland, I soon became accustomed to the way life was to be at the academy. It was tough, demanding and extremely challenging at times-the training and basketball coaching was simply something I had never experienced before. Every day was an uphill challenge but one I was excited about conquering. The first 6 weeks were by far the toughest of my life to date. Now following the end of my second year at the academy, I feel that I have become the player I always wanted to be. With the exposure the academy has given me, I have now more choices and scholarship opportunities for university than I ever would have had than if I never attended the north Atlantic basketball academy. I have grown as a person and have seen so many positive changes in NABA.


18 years old Nationality Portuguese
From a parent’s point of view, I would like to express my satisfaction with the fact that my son has the chance and also the luck of becoming a member of NABA. Now, several months after the beginning of his studies, I can confirm with certainty that NABA is not just an academy for anybody NABA is the Academy for the Best! If your own child dreams about basketball, if your child is ambitious enough and willing to work hard towards the improvement of his basketball skills and experience, then NABA is The Place for your child. NABA provides players with security, peace of mind and engagement in every single aspect, as well as wonderful conditions for development. And all of the above is due to the fact that NABA guarantees:

Veneta Toshkova

The testimonial of Stoyan’s mother


If you require booking information for any of the above services please email us on info@northatlanticbasketballacademy.com Or phone us on 001 353 87 1148649